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Travel world of ancient heritage and culture : India

It is really worth and proud to be born in the country like India. For every individual, whether he or she belongs to any country it is relevant that they loved and respect its dignity. But, as the world the oldest and most ancient heritage place in the world is India. The reason is that the struggle, Culture, Kinship and the change from ancient to modern.


There are lots of twists and turn in the country history which makes it more interesting and gather lots of foreign travelers from all around the world. There is no difference in the country politics which has been derived from a composition of world politics. But it is true the holiness and spirituality of the country are unique and ancient. India has its own culture with secularist feelings in every citizen’s hearts and diversified land as known by everyone, which means the people has a different culture, traditions, religion, climate, and language. This is the reason why India has been a most preferred choice for the tourists because the land offers many tourists spot which likely to boost the tourism sector.

Why is it the first choice for the visitors?

There are many tourist spots from East to West and from North to South. Every corner of the country is something special and adorable which mesmerized the people eyes, feeling and creates an emotional attachment. There are lots of tourists places which suits the desire and meaning of the tour to India. There are lots of attractions for the tourists, for example

• Adventures tour: the mighty hills and terrain of Himalayas, Shivalik, the Karakoram in the extreme east and the most important boat surfing on the forceful Ganges River the most favorable place for the people who are looking adventure in their tour are looking forward

• Spiritual tour: The Mansarovar Lake, The Vaishno Devi, Haridwar, the famous Char DhamYatra, Benaras, The AksharDham Temple, GokulDham (Ayodhya) tour etc.

• Heritage tour: like Red Fort, India Gate, RashtrapatiBhavan’s, The Lotus Temple, a reflection of Delhi Sultanate art and architecture through QutubMinar, Jama Masjid and also the glimpse of pre and post Independence history at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

• The visit of the eight wonders of the earth The Taj Mahal, Agra.
• The divine beauty and vision of River Yamuna
• The natural beauty of Kerala, experience of backwater
• The preservative of ancient history records in the National Museum of Delhi
• The natural home for Ayurvedic therapy and become the part of traditional festivals like Deepawali, Pongal, colors of Holi, and much more.
• The princely states and its unique features, nature, culture, tradition, and language through places like the UmaidBhavan Palace, Jodhpur etc.

What a visitor gain by this tour?

• It helps us to gain the missing tradition and culture of Indian
• Also, the crucial sacrifices made towards our Independence and thus helps us to gain and protect the legacy of Independence
• The dignity and honor to be a part of India
• Also a great vision of secularism
• Tradition, culture and vernacular language
• Taste and preference

Hence, in order to protect the image of the country, its become important for the country to protect the rights reserved for the foreigner who is traveling to India in order to experience the world of heritage and experience the said quotation of Vasu Deva Qutubakumand Atithi Deva Bhava. That’s why India grabbed the award of world’s leading destinations in this year. Thus, the Ministry of Tourism Mr. Mahesh Sharma announced to spend ₹ 1840 crore for this financial years and in order to boost the initiatives of Swacch Bharat SwacchAbhiyan and funding the Cleanliness Index for structure the cleanest and worst clean city in the country to counter the SDG index.

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