flying termites

Life history of flying termites

When it comes about the flying termites and flying ants, these two are different, and both of them are very problematic. This flying termites are destructive just similar to the grounded counterparts. These termites are very small and tiny creatures just like the ants. Therefore it is very difficult to differentiate between the flying ants and the flying termites. Flying termites are also known as the winged termites. How can be flying termites differentiated from the ants? The flying termites have straight antennae whereas ants antenna are bent in shape, both have straight waist but termites waist is thinner and when it comes the wings termites have the same length wings whereas the ants have two different length wings. The flying termites are 1/4 inch in length, from you can image how tiny creature are they. And this termites swarm of their own to produce a new colony, as they no longer want to a burden on this earth. They usually swarm during a period of season, which is known as the mating season. You can see them or observe them usually when you find winged termites in house. Usually termites swarm when the weather starts to get warmer i.e., during the spring or the summer season in the places where the climate is winter i.e., cold weather.
Swarms are group of flying termites who work together to form own colony or family. Ones termites swarm in the spring or summer season, they again come out when there will a good rain storm or in the rainy season. Not only the termites but all the other species of the insect family will swarm ones the weather start becoming warm. Soon ones you come to the middle of the winter season, they will start observing the termites swarm and frankly speaking you will seriously get irritated by thinking that you are actually dealing with the termites swarm. And the subterranean swarm usually wouldn’t swarm until they haven’t reached the age of three. In case of other winged termites ones they find their new colony, after that will find a mate and then reproduce. And ones they follow a successful mating, after that all their wings will fall off. And the female termites who mate with their partners, are considered to be as the queen of their respective colony. And after that she will be giving birth to the new termites, who will become soldier and start protecting the queen and the other termites in that colony. Therefore whenever you want to target anyone in the termites colony than it should be the queen, because she can give birth to millions of termites soldiers in whole lifetime.

flying termites

As you might be knowing that this termites and mostly all the insects love light, because light attracts them. Therefore, they usually form or build their colony inside the house. There are many process to rid of the winged termites in house. As recommended by the professional exterminators , you can use bug zapper and fly swatter to kill them. This bug zapper is very easily available in home depot or hardware store or even in online. You can even kill them with the orange oil. You have to just spray the orange oil near the areas where the termites have made their home or some even spray it on the walls and furniture’s where they know that the termites are active and specially in the holes. Specially wood is the best place for them to make a new colony or home. So beware and take best precaution before time, if you ever found a wing fallen inside or near the doorstep of your house.

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